The long awaited Bioshock: Infinite DLC, Bioshock: Infinite, Burial at Sea Episode 1 and Episode 2  is now announced and it is a shocker.  It will be a two-part DLC with Elizabeth and Booker not just returning but apparently living in Rapture.  For fans of the games this will instantly set off some “how are they going to manage this” flags.  Why?  Let’s explore, shall we?


Starting off with the elephant in the room: if Comstock never existed, as the end of Infinite implies, then how did Elizabeth a) get taken through a tear in time by Comstock which in turn b) allowed her to create tears in time and c) be

Really liking the art style here, kind of like a retro movie poster

Really liking the art style here, kind of like a retro movie poster

called Elizabeth rather than Anna?  Presumably, at the end of Infinite, the universes are at rest and each one has Booker with his daughter, Anna.  This implies that at some point in Infinite something happened, causing them go to Rapture and somehow forget about it, or at least Booker did, as Elizabeth wasn’t overly surprised when she brought them there in the game.

Did Elizabeth tell us about this already?  During the ending scenes of Infinite, Elizabeth explains how “There’s always a lighthouse.  There’s always a man.  There’s always a city.”  Are all these lighthouses echoes of the same people scattered through time?  Have their visions of utopia been slightly altered but still ultimately doomed to fail?  There’s no denying that Rapture and Columbia have been built on very different premises, but they booth breed the same sort of people.  Though, I wold have liked some Comstock back-story DLC, as we don’t really know his view of the city as much as his view of a single enemy, whereas Ryan had a lot more backstory and insight into the world along with his rivals.

The tricky part here is not interfering with existing history of Rapture while not being so distant that Elizabeth and Booker may as well not even be there.  Speaking of being there, I’m almost lead to believe this Booker was never at Columbia or didn’t make it very far at all.  In the trailer, he clicks his fingers and creates a little flame, but I can’t help feeling like it looks more like a plasmid than a vigor.  Are Booker and Elizabeth scattered through time?  We know Elizabeth and the Luteces have the ability to travel through dimensions and remember it, but when Booker does it he has to fill in the missing memories with ones to fit the world he’s in, even if he doesn’t really understand the world he’s in.  Maybe something massive happened, such as Elizabeth escaping to Rapture from her tower and the Luteces having to not only bring Booker through dimensions but through time as well.  This way, Elizabeth could be more grown up and living in Rapture, even before the fall, was not exactly a grand old time (well, the beginning was better but it kept getting worse) and she became hardened and more mature.  Hopefully this maturing doesn’t equal her being cold to the world, but I’m hoping they have better writing than just making her turn into an action hero of sorts.

Okay, I can go on forever with possibilities, but I quite like my last theory.  But I doubt whatever I come up with will be what Ken Levine has come up with, so now the wait begins for the return to Rapture (also note, Rapture looks awesome running on their new engine).