So we all probably know by now about how John Hurt didn’t do what he did in the name of the Doctor.  Right, we don’t know what it means exactly, but we know of the line and we expect to understand it in the 50th, so that’s enough harping on that.  What is more frightening is how much sense this line doesn’t make.

Last night I re-watched The Power of Three, as I had only watched it when it aired and didn’t remember much of it.  For nearly 35 minutes I was very entertained.  It was great seeing the gang together just talking and hanging out, getting up to some time travel shenanigans.  There were some well written dialogue moments, something which has been somewhat lacking.  There were some good laughs and well, I really do wish it was a two-parter, as I’m a fan of these slower paced type shows/episodes, and this had good promise to be one, and it mainly was.  All great stuff.  But then came the ending, an ending which actual disturbed me, and not in a good way (is there a good way to be disturbed, I don’t know, but this doesn’t help that case).


Ignoring the randomly placed holographic villain, which by the way, could have been interesting if given proper time to develop, I want to discuss what happened after the hologram disappeared.  The Doctor waved his magic wand, I mean screwdriver, around, and got the cubes to save everyone on Earth.  Awesome, who doesn’t want to see the Doctor save everyone?  I know I do and I was glad to see it happen.  What I wasn’t glad to see happen was him kill a lot of people.  These people weren’t hostile, in fact, they were sleeping.  Yes, the Doctor killed humans in their sleep.  You may be wondering what I’m talking about.

Well, if you recall, for some reason the evil alien nurses were taking people through a wormhole to another dimension to get to one of their seven spaceships.  I say for some reason because it seems whatever they wanted to do on

In about 10 minutes this will explode, and well, bad day to be human I guess

In about 10 minutes this will explode, and well, bad day to be human I guess

the spaceships was also being done by the cubes, but whatever.  So, the Doctor saves Rory and his dad (who is awesome, just thought I’d let that be known) but for some, very not Doctor reason, ignores every other human in the same unfortunate situation.

Maybe he’s saving them for the end to send through a wormhole or something.  Well no, though that would have been an easy way to save them (use a teleport beam, you get the point).  Instead he just kind of ignores them, saves himself, Amy, and Rory and well, they all blow up.  It’s not a stretch to imagine each of the seven ships had people on them, and they all blew up.

Seriously, what in the world were they thinking?  Right before this the Doctor goes on a whole speech/rant about how important and amazing the human race is, and boom, he blows them up!

Come on, and the episode did so much right, like bringing back UNIT from the mess RTD made of it.  I just don’t get it.  As someone who was pretty much raised on the 4th and 5th Doctor followed by getting into the 3rd and of course the 9th, 10th, and 11th, this is just inexcusable.  I could see if the enemy did it and the Doctor tried desperately to save everyone, as he often does, but come on, to just ignore them and let them blow up but still save your buddies, that’s just cold, wrong, disturbing, and not Doctor Who at all.  Again, this may have been a victim of rushing an ending, but couldn’t they have rushed a better one?  I want to  stress how much I genuinely enjoyed the episode (as I have been a bit critical of the Moffat era as of late) up to the ending, as it kind of made me miss the Ponds again and it was simply a well written episode with really good balance between characters, UNIT, how the world reacted to the cubes, all of it was so good.

At this point, how wrong can John Hurt’s Doctor be?