The wait for the 12th Doctor is finally over, and it has been well worth waiting for.  Peter Capaldi will be stepping into the role of the Doctor next year, well we’ll probably see a bit of him at the end of this year’s Christmas special, and it

Just the man to kick off another 50 years of Doctor Who

Just the man to kick off another 50 years of Doctor Who

will be an interesting year.

Now, I really enjoy his role as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, and obviously he won’t be playing that role for Doctor Who, but it does help demonstrate his range.  I have been going around the internet looking for clips of other show’s he’s been in and none have had me so astounded as his role as Randall Brown in The Hour.  I don’t really know the show, but what I do know is within a two minute clip in which he only talks for about thirty seconds he manages to bring an incredible amount of emotion that I do hope is shown in Doctor Who.  There’s a certain level of maturity about him in the clip, almost like the Doctor trying his hardest not to break down, trying to have restrain.  I love it, and because of that I’ll be placing it right here for you:

Now, how will he be with Clara?  Well, I never saw a big love story growing between the 11th Doctor and Clara, but maybe that’s either because I didn’t want one or because the writing gave little room for the character’s to grow and interact.  Despite the whys, I don’t think pairing her up with Capaldi will be a bad thing.  Just watch a Classic-Who episode and you’ll probably notice the Doctor never was all in love with a companion or vice versa.  I’m hoping they turn out being best of friends, kind of like the 4th Doctor and his companions, who remain some of the best in the show’s history (such as Sarah and Romana II).  I do wish this Doctor would never have to meet Strax, Vastra, and Jenny.

I’m all on board with Peter Capaldi being the next Doctor.  I really hope he gets back on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson since they both seem to be huge fans of the show.  My only concern is the writing, which has been rather on the average/weak side lately, and I suspect it is a result of a) rushing every story into a tiny episode and b) Moffat having no idea how to write a Doctor Who season arc and actually finish it and have it make sense by providing proper closure and not just waving around the Doctor’s magic wand/weapon/screwdriver.

Still, let’s not take anything away from Capaldi here.  He’s proven himself to be a very good actor (who can forget his role in Torchwood: Children of Earth?) and I’ve been wanting an older Doctor.  To me, this is a great choice, and I do hope all the fans give him a chance, as I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised come the start of series 8.

I’ll end this by saying best of luck to Peter Capaldi!