In preparation for the 50th Anniversary I have been going through series 5, 6, and 7.  And after doing so I noticed something odd: they don’t have continuity at all, despite Moffat claiming he planted things in series 5 that will come back in this year’s Christmas special.


To start, take a look at the Silence.  They’re apparently a religious order on a mission to kill the Doctor before the final question can be asked, which we know is the simple and somewhat annoying “doctor who?” asked by the Great Intelligence at the end of series 7.  Now, if the Silence knew of this and wanted to prevent the Doctor from being there to answer the question then they should have also known the Doctor was going to die once the question was asked.  The Great Intelligence simply walked into the Doctor’s entire time stream, killing him at every moment in time.  Of course it also means the enemies he was trying to eliminate ended up succeeding in whatever their plans were.

To prevent the Doctor from being killed, the Silence decided it was best to kill the Doctor, twice in fact.

Series 5 was all about silence falling, cracks in time, the Pandorica, and the TARDIS blowing up.  The Pandorica made little sense if the Silence wanted the Doctor dead since all they had to do was kill him when all his enemies had him

And you get out of this how, and why are you in this anyway?

And you get out of this how, and why are you in this anyway?

trapped.  But then somehow the Doctor escapes the Pandorica (how he originally escaped it, well, we’ll never know) and the TARDIS has already exploded.  We don’t know who blew up the TARDIS, but assuming somehow the Silence did it then they really went out of their way to kill the Doctor, which was going to be done anyway in series 7, which again, they knew about, but I guess blowing up the entire universe was more convenient for them.

Series 6 there was some elaborate plan to have River be Amy’s daughter and proceed to try and kill the Doctor.  Again, very dramatic but not very practical since, oh I don’t know, they could have just electrocuted the Doctor like they did to everyone else.  So then we have River in a space suit coming out of a lake (again, very dramatic) and killing the Doctor a few times but not really (and for added drama there’s a random Madam Kovarian, who just kind of appears then dies but not really [not really being killed is a thing these days]).  Satisfied with this, the Silence never show up again, despite the Doctor running around for all of series 7.

Series 7 still had to deal with the final question and Trenzalore.  So, with the departure of the Ponds and arrival of Clara (who is awesome), the Doctor eventually ends up at Trenzalore with Clara, Jenny, Strax, Vastra (oh those three need to go away forever), and of course River, because why not, she hasn’t been done to death at this point.  The Great Intelligence, which I thought was greatly underused, then ended up going into the Doctor’s time stream and killing him, which I suppose the Silence were selfish and wanted to do instead.  Well, it didn’t matter since Clara continued being awesome and went on to save the Doctor.

"Alright Clara, I'm just gonna take a quick stop, die again but not really, and we'll be on our way."

“Alright Clara, I’m just gonna take a quick stop, die again but not really, and we’ll be on our way.”

Now for the end of series 7 we get John Hurt’s Doctor.  I first thought maybe the Silence wanted to get rid of him, but that doesn’t make sense since he likely has come before 11, and if anything, the Great Intelligence got rid of him.  Maybe the Silence didn’t want him dead.  Maybe the Silence are actually good and know the Doctor cannot have his past erased.

I don’t have the answers, but after watching all these finales in a row, I honestly don’t see any continuity.  It’s like Moffat is just writing stuff as he goes along, not really planning.  I don’t think he planted things in series 5 that were meant to be answered this Christmas, but rather I think he is doing damage control after so many complaints that he has so many unresolved/unexplained threads going on (I’d love to see if they keep the crack in the TARDIS window now or if that just gets thrown out the window [pardon the pun]).

Or maybe the Silence are just the dumbest people in the entire universe.

What do you all think?

I’m still excited for the 50th, but come on, try to write some sort of continuity Moffat, you are the showrunner (despite needing someone to balance you out like RTD must have, because those were really good episodes), no excuses anymore.