We’re finally almost there, the 50th anniversary is nearly upon us and it seems a bunch of revelations will occur in “The Day of the Doctor.”  I don’t want to go on about what we’ve already been told or any hints Moffat is giving, instead I want to go on with what I think should happen.

We all know the Time War was a big thing for the Doctor, as he had to kill off all the Time Lords and Daleks (though that is debatable since Daleks are everywhere these days) in order to end the war.  He also can’t go back because it is time locked.  However, all signs point towards the Time War making its debut on our screens.  If it is to be believed we get the Time War then we can also follow the assumption that John Hurt’s Doctor is in fact the Time War Doctor.  This makes sense chronologically because he appears to be wearing a mix of the 8th and 9th Doctor’s outfits and we never saw the 8th Doctor regenerate.

For some reason, the Doctor was the one who had to end the Time War and kill his people.  Due to the wisdom of the Timelords I find it hard to believe they were unaware of the significant role the Doctor would play in the war.  They

All in one TARDIS, but will 10 have his TARDS, does Hurt have one?

All in one TARDIS, but will 10 have his TARDS, does Hurt have one?

likely knew it was the only way to end the war, and knowing the Doctor they probably also knew he would not be the most eager to go and do such a thing.  As a result, they could have done a few things, but what I like to think is they basically enlisted the Doctor to carry out what needed to be done.  Here’s where things can get a bit crazy, so I’ll stay with one theory.

Once the Doctor did what needed to be done he died, but for real.  No trick death like in series 6 and no regeneration, he legitimately died.  But then, which Doctor dies?  I say it is John Hurt’s Doctor who dies and that he is in fact an older version of 8.  Due to the nature of the Time War and the fact that it says time right in the title who is to say time didn’t get all screwed up and cause aging and other things to occur at unnatural rates?

Alright, so now the Doctor is dead and we have our numbers all worked out, except do we?  The 9th Doctor makes it clear that he is burdened by the Time War, but just how burdened is he?  Yes, he killed his people to end the war, but is there more?  Could, in some way, he have been brought back to life after or close to the end of the war?  Perhaps somehow he was granted a new regeneration cycle when he was enlisted by to end the war because they knew he would need it to come back to life.

What I find interesting about this theory is in both cases it does not ruin the number of Doctors.  John Hurt will be the 8th and even if he has a new set of regenerations, 9 will still be his 9th regeneration.  This will help keep the continuity with the numbers and add a new dimension to the Doctor, especially if we ultimately realize 10 and 11 were involved in the events of the Time War, which I only mention because they are likely to be a big part of the episode.  But if nothing else, I’d like them to properly explain the order of Hurt’s Doctor, and I think this way could clean it up nicely and have it make sense, which is something Moffat seems to have made a decision to not do most of the time.

And don’t even get me going on Clara and Rose, if they wanted to do it right they would have had Clara and Donna, at least then there would be two strong personalities rather than one strong, sassy Clara and a starry eyed lover with Rose.