Right on, we’re in November but I prefer the end of October, at least right now I do.  Why?  Because I was the 11th Doctor for a day.  Good times were had.  It was neat walking around my college’s campus and being recognized as the doctor-who-cosplayDoctor and even having it turn into a discussion about the 50th anniversary and Peter Capaldi.

The best part about being the 11th Doctor is already owning a lot of his outfit and wearing it as normal clothes.  Already had the jacket, shirt, jeans, and I kind of cheated and went with dress shoes over boots mainly due to cost, oh, and I had the sonic (was tempted to bust out my home made replica 4th Doctor scarf but I’ll save that for a Comic-Con).  All I had to get was a bow tie and suspenders, which were conventionally available at my local H&M.  The best part about not getting an “official” anything  is how I could customize it to stand out, or at least at a convention I will.  I opted for a blue color scheme despite the popular bow tie and suspenders being red.  I did this to be a bit different and for the true fans to spot it rather than all the casual fans [incorrectly] point out it’s the wrong color or the pattern isn’t right on the bow tie (little do they know he wears a variety of bow ties), and it’s a nice conversation starter to explain the whole red and blue thing.

doctor-who-cosplay-2To tell you the truth, the outfit isn’t much different than what I normally wear.  This was pointed out to me by a couple of people and has persuaded me to wear the outfit while being a teaching assistant.  It’s actually a very scholarly look, and I dig it.

I’ll also be sporting the outfit for New Jersey’s Comic-Con, which is kind of a joke but is saved due to Ernie Hudson being there.  It would have been cool to have been in Disney World for Halloween wearing the outfit, especially going to EPCOT to their British section, so this may eventually happen.doctor-who-cosplay-3

Hey, it’s like I always say, “there’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.”