Trenzalore is saved, all is good, the Doctor didn’t die.  But wait.  If the Doctor didn’t die at Trenzalore and if Trenzalore didn’t burn then how did the events of series 7 happen?

You may recall a while back I wrote about series 7 contradicting series 5 and 6 and I fear the same has to happen again.  If you recall, the finale of series 7 clearly brought the characters to the Doctor’s grave.  This grave

See, Trenzalore is destroyed, the Doctor's buried down there

See, Trenzalore is destroyed, the Doctor’s buried down there

was on Trenzalore, which was shown as being destroyed, covered in fire and ash.  As an aside, you may also recall the Doctor’s tomb being a giant TARDIS with a crack in the window because when he landed on Trenzalore his TARDIS got a crack in it yet in the very next episode there was no crack in the window so why was there a crack on his future tomb, but that’s not important right now, just an observation.

The Great Intelligence proceeds to go into the Doctor’s time stream inside the TARDIS and kill the Doctor throughout every point in the Doctor’s life.  Right, this is big stuff, how can the Doctor be saved?  Fear not, while Jenny, Strax, and Vastra stand around like a bunch of fools, Clara comes to the rescue and jumps in the time stream.  Once she does this she is also splintered throughout the Doctor’s life and saves him from the Great Intelligence.  Awesome, all is well, the Doctor then walks into his time stream to save her and they somehow magically get out and she becomes a school teacher.

Except none of that happened.  In The Time of the Doctor, Clara and the Doctor are able to change the future and save Trenzalore.  As a result Trenzalore never burns, the Doctor never dies there, the Great Intelligence can’t go in his time stream, and most importantly, Clara can’t go in his time stream.  This means she was never at the Dalek asylum planet or a governess in Victorian London.  This means the Doctor would never have looked for her after finding out she died twice and he couldn’t save her.  This means she wouldn’t be the impossible girl, she’d just be normal, sassy Clara and the Doctor would have no need to go searching for her since he would have never known of her.  The worst part, no matter how inconsistent Clara’s character was written, I actually really like her sassy personality.  Maybe it’s because I know people like her, but she felt a lot more realistic than some of the other new companions, and she never got

I know Clara, Amy stole your scene and technically you shouldn't even be here, it's been a rough day

I know Clara, Amy stole your scene and technically you shouldn’t even be here, it’s been a rough day

annoying like Amy did (icing on the cake was Amy being brought back to upstage Clara during 11’s regeneration as Clara was pushed to the side with a tear or two, it’s like Moffat is writing fan fiction that can’t get over the Ponds and hates Clara).

I’m sorry, but when the head writer manages to essentially delete an entire series he was in charge of just a year or so ago that’s bad.  I’m not asking for revolutionary writing, but there has to be a point when someone tells Moffat to stop trying to make things complex for the sake of being complex, because the majority of the time it turns out to be convoluted and counter-productive.  This is going without mentioning how he basically put some throwaway lines in The Time of the Doctor just to say how clever he is bringing back plot threads from series 5-7, when all it feels like he did was make up something on the fly and pass it off as a long-term plan.

Honestly, where is the quality control these days?  Moffat needs someone to read over his scripts, I’m sure anyone remotely interested in science fiction could spot the elimination of series 7 right away.  No doubt I’m looking forward to Peter Capaldi and was sad to see Matt Smith go (he’s currently my favorite of the new Doctors, even if the writing isn’t exactly helping him out a lot of times), but I can’t help but feel we’ll be getting more of the same average to poor writing as long as Moffat is in charge.