Right, it’s been a while since I wrote about Doctor Who and that’s mainly due to not much happening other than potential spoilers from on set pictures taken by fans (don’t want to accidentally be the one to ruin anything for anyone by posting it) and I watched all of Warehouse 13 (highly recommended), Orphan Black (season 1 again and then 2)and am re-watching Downton Abbey and Fringe at the moment, and I just picked up season one of Continuum.  Needless to say, my TV viewing has been filled with a lot of shows.

But now the teaser trailers are rolling out for Doctor Who series 8.  The latest, and probably most important one, features the Doctor in an exploding console room (seriously, this thing explodes a lot) and what seems to be a Dalek voice narrating the scene.  More surprising is it sounds like Davros, which if it is then they’ll likely use the same lame excuse of emergency temporal shifting away from what would have otherwise been an immediate death at the end of series 4.  As he continues to narrate the scene, a slightly different sounding voice comes in for the last few words.  The voice is still Dalek sounding but a much different tone than the suspected Davros voice.  Since they’re narration goes together it may be assumed they are both in the same room and are on a combined mission of sorts to go against the Doctor.  This may also allow the Daleks to remember all of the Doctor’s past battles with them, which were erased (well kind of sorta erased since the past Christmas episode made Clara impossible, at least as the impossible girl, she should technically just be an ordinary girl that the Doctor would have no interest searching for all that time) by Clara (again, kinda sorta) in the beginning of series 7, as Davros may not be part of the connected Dalek network/mind Clara hacked.

If I’m being honest, I’m tired of the Daleks.  Ever since they became half human in series 3 (wasting two episode slots) they really haven’t been in any good story.  It’s like they just fill this wasted episode spot all the time and show up so much that they kind of turned into a joke and lost any sort of intrigue (similar to the Weeping Angels and Cybermen).  The issue is, the Daleks never showed up this frequently in Classic Who, and even then their stories usually weren’t anything special.

I’d like this season to have an all new threat.  Perhaps a single man or woman who balances between good and evil, never really being dedicated solely to one side.  A complex character who does what he thinks is right but without going to any sort of over-the-top extremes.  This sort of character can challenge the Doctor, who in recent years has been written to do a lot of self reflecting and the like.

What I’d really like is this season to be along the lines of a miniseries, where there aren’t random filler episodes, but rather one story, which they have attempted in the Classic Who era and I think it needs a return, especially if this season is hopefully going to be about searching for Gallifrey.

Back to Davros, if he is back, which I hope he isn’t because really, how menacing is an old man in an electric wheelchair, then I’ll be a little disappointed.  We already know we’re stuck dealing with Jenny, Strax, and Vastra again, who may I remind you, have never ever been explained, they just showed up, completely dropping any notion of a back story and turning the Sontarans into bumbling fools instead of a clone race designed for war.

As much as I don’t like Moffat’s writing and choices for series 7 and then making his own writing in series 7 literally impossible (even he had no idea how to explain it) but I am intrigued by what he said in an article I read a couple weeks ago about series 8 ending on a cliffhanger.  I actually really like that, which may be due to me being into Orphan Black and its crazy cliffhangers, but I think the format can work well for Doctor Who, at least it can’t be as bad as cramming a blockbuster into a 45 minute time slot each week.  Speaking of, a miniseries format could help get rid of the many rushed endings we had in series 7, or at the very least do bring back two part episodes.

Still, here’s to hoping series 8 brings the show back to the standards of my favorite of the new series; series 5 (odd, I know since I can’t stand Moffat now, but that series he actually did well minus a few errors like how did the Doctor originally get out of the Pandorica and whose TARDIS was that on top of Craig’s house?).  I’m a fan of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman (when Clara is written a little consistently).  I have wanted a return to Gallifrey since the show came back nearly ten years ago now (wow, that went by fast).