And I’m between two.  After all, if you’re going to be a TV character it might as well be someone really cool.  That is why I’m torn between Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica) and the Doctor (Doctor Who).  I did consider Sherlock Holmes from the BBC’s latest take on it with their show Sherlock, but I’m still fairly new to the show so I left him out.  Also worth noting, I am referring more towards a Matt Smith/Tom Baker/Jon Pertwee type Doctor, but for the sake of consistency I will be focusing mainly on Smith’s Doctor.

Note, there are a few potentially major spoilers ahead, mainly for Baltar and Battlestar Galactica.

Both Baltar and the Doctor are the top of the top in intelligence in their respective shows (I know, we may forget that Baltar is a very smart scientist, as he’s usually off having sex with a Cylon in his head, leading to some awkward moments).  Both want to do good but don’t always end up doing so, usually as a result of outside forces.  Both have a cool style.  Whereas the Doctor always has a unique outfit, Baltar can often be found in every day clothing or wearing a variation of suits (apparently there is a ship in the fleet that makes suits amongst other random things).  Still, the tweed jacket of the Doctor is pretty sweet, as is his new set of clothes for the upcoming season, not to mention the few occasions when he broke out the good old tuxedo.  And of course, “bow ties are cool.”  Though, in Baltar’s defense, he usually has Six attached to him at all times, and she’s more than enough to make up for a lack of a meager bow tie.

While Baltar is busy giving away classified codes to nuclear weapons and indirectly causing the destruction of Caprica and the rest of the colonies, the Doctor is always finding a way to fix exactly those types of problems.  Things don’t get much better when Baltar decides he wants to be President leading the fleet to New Caprica and ends up surrendering everyone over to the Cylons.  Of course, it’s not all his fault, after all, how is he supposed to stand up to a group of Cylons with guns pointed at him all the time?  Usually those are the situations when the Doctor would rely on River Song to come out of nowhere and save him (or for the Classic Who fans, I’m sure Romana would have found a way to get the Doctor out of whatever he has got himself into).  In those situations it is hard to say who is the victor, as they both need help.  Luckily Baltar has Six in his head, and while Caprica Six tries to help, she usually ends up getting shot for helping.

To the important stuff, how are they with the ladies?  Well, the Doctor goes through attractive female companions like there’s no tomorrow.  I can’t blame him, he’s 90o-some-years-old what else is he going to do?  Well, he is married I suppose, and he also has a granddaughter, but she’s been long gone.  I wonder, how many times has our good old Time Lord been married?  River Song is definitely a good addition to the Doctor’s history of women, and she’s definitely the most promiscuous.  The two of them are constantly flirting, and I can only imagine what goes on between them in the TARDIS swimming pool.  Still, I have to hand it to him, Amy Pond is a fantastic ginger that would even make Baltar jealous (and getting engaged to Marilyn Monroe isn’t bad either).

But I don’t think Baltar has to worry about being jealous, not with Six in his head 24/7, for four seasons, and three mini-series.  Not only that, he ended up getting it on with a Three for most of the third season.  If that weren’t enough, he ends up getting what is essentially a harem full of women in love with him for all of season four.  And on top of that he is frequently visited in the harem by President Roslin’s personal advisor.  This guy never has a moment when he is not having sex.  All in all, I have to hand it to Baltar with the women, who wouldn’t want a Six with them all the time?

As established they’re both very smart.  This makes it difficult to decide which is smarter since the Doctor knows all of time and space but always seems to be getting caught while Baltar is continually haunted by his past (well, OK, so is the Doctor but that doesn’t make him afraid).  However, it is his fear of death that makes him hold back, as seen in season one he was hesitant to actually say who his Cylon detector deemed to be a Cylon, as he didn’t want any Cylons coming after him.  Still, it allowed him to focus on other things, like more sex.  And as the show progressed he did show more of his genius, which somehow led him to having what is essentially the church of Baltar in his harem.  Sure, he isn’t able to travel everywhere in time and space, but he seems to be doing just fine where he is, well until what I can only assume will be a quick death after the end of the final finale.

Personality wise, the Doctor probably wins, as he is liked by pretty much everyone on the show.  However, Baltar goes through a few personality changes from being an arrogant scientist to a man of God to going back to who he was before becoming a scientist.  It’s true, I’d rather have the personality of the Doctor, which may always change, but usually always ends up making him a likable person.  Though, it’s the quirky-ness of the Doctor that makes me prefer his personality.  I think the problem with Baltar was he never had a chance to not be a jerk since so many people seemed to be against him from the beginning and he had to defend himself.  That, and everyone thought he was crazy when he would talk to Six and nobody else could see or hear her.

Despite what seems to be a growing list of negatives for Baltar, he is still one of my favorite characters in television.  He’s a genius, wants to do what’s right, and by the end he sees the world in a whole new light.  Out of all the characters on the show his was the only one that had any sort of sense in the end (as Adama obviously couldn’t care less about the fleet anymore and just abandoned them, but that is for another post).  He’s a person who is always in way over his head, and usually it is not because of what he wants to do, but what other people force him to do.  Having Six in his head never helped much in the beginning, as he had no idea what was going on and eventually just got used to her.  Fully describing Baltar is difficult, as he’s surprisingly complex, and seeing more of his back story later in the show will likely have you feel sorry for him.

Then there’s the Doctor.  A role model, likable person, and always amazed by the wonders of the universe, even after all those years.  He’s quirky, an alien with a scarf, bow tie, Converse shoes, tweed jackets, a fez, jelly babies, a Whomobile, and a police box that travels in time and space.  It’s all so brilliant because he’s so alien, and that’s what makes him unique.

So, both are great characters, but now I must choose.  This really is a difficult decision, which is why I’ll go with who I will probably dress as for future Comic-Cons, and that is Doctor Gaius Baltar.  This is partly due to the fact that I’m growing tired of Doctor Who being the Amy and Rory show with the Doctor just kind of there and also because Baltar is amongst my all time favorite characters (not to mention a Baltar costume is pretty cheap, I just need a Caprica Six, which may prove to be difficult).

There we have it, if I were to be a TV character it would be Baltar, and on that note I’m going to pop in some frakking Battlestar and see which of the many hairstyles of Baltar I will use.