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It’s finally here, the trailer for series 8 of Doctor Who.  I don’t want to go into what I think each little clip is from, as that could a) go on far too long b) probably be wrong and c) other sites are probably doing that much better than me.  However, I will say I’m pleased with the trailer, actually very pleased with it.

There has been a ton of talk about Peter Capaldi being a rebel Time Lord, which rebel is usually associated with teenage angst and going against authority.  But in the trailer he is calm and questions his past decisions.  He does this in a calm voice, not overreacting, even when he tells Clara they are going “into darkness” (umm, Moffat, were you casually watching Star Trek when watching this or just hanging out with Benedict?).  The ending of the trailer is a solemn shot of the Doctor in Clara in the TARDIS with the Doctor asking what type of man he is, which for whatever reason gave me a sort of fourth Doctor vibe.  No doubt this season will deal with the Doctor doing some major self reflecting, and with any luck will also follow through with the set up from the 50th and have him start his search for Gallifrey.  I’m also hoping at some point during his reflection they explain Jenny, Strax, and Vastra.  Not that I like them but because they really make very little sense and since they’re going to be in series 8 they may as well get some sort of back story.

Continuing the Classic-Who vibe is a T-Rex (not quite sure why we have dinosaurs again, they weren’t good at all in series 7) storming through a city (third Doctor anyone?) and a robot around the forty three second mark that looks like it could fit right into the Classic era.  Of course the Daleks are back because why not spend another episode on them?  The problem is they’re far too one dimensional to be interesting and we saw how turning them human worked out, but I suppose we’ll wait and see how it turns out.  Not related to the the characters, but as I’m watching this trailer again, I have to say, I really love some of the retro feeling music in the beginning of it, you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

Overall, the trailer is setting up for a more drama filled series 8, which I’m looking forward to.  Matt Smith was really great but they ended up making him too goofy and annoying towards the end (particularly the first part of series 7).  His serious moments were always nice but there were far too few of them.  I’m hoping Capaldi has the opportunity to not only be more serious but actually show off the Doctor’s intelligence instead of waving around his screwdriver to save the day.  Let the Doctor be the smartest one in the room again and/or get some more smart characters on the show who can keep up with him, or at least attempt to keep up with him, intellectually.

There were only a few characters shown, so I’m thinking they kept a lot of the second half of the season and finale out of this (at least judging by the finale filming pics I saw but won’t post due to spoilers, this seems to be the case), which would be a good move, I’d like it to be a surprise.  The trailer is pretty atmospheric and more solemn than dark, which should make for an interesting change.  I’m still not on board with the Doctor being this evil being Moffat has him out to be, but seeing as there’s nothing I can do to change that I will simply go with it and see where the writing takes me.

Overall, despite my negativity about Moffat, he did do series 5, which is my favorite since the show came back, and with a new Doctor I think I’m going to maintain optimism.  It’s an opportunity to start over and get rid of all the past threads that went nowhere.  Kick of the search for Gallifrey or some other grand adventure.  Make it like a mini-series even, have one continuing story.  Do something awesome.  Moffat, stop saying how brilliant you are and let the writing do the talking for you.

Doctor Who  will be returning August 23rd, and I believe it will be shown at the same time on BBC and BBC America.  The episode goes by the title of  “Deep Breath” and they say it will be feature length, what that means I have no idea.



Well we’re here again, another Doctor Who Christmas episode, or at least the trailer and a prequel clip (or minisode).  We’ll, I hate to say it, but Moffat, if you value Doctor Who at all, please stop writing.  Somehow Moffat has been able to ruin all things from the Classic-Who era.  Since when are the Silurian’s crime fighters in the Victorian era?  I had hoped for that to be a one off thing in “A Good Man Goes to War.”  Even worse, the Sontarans need to get out of the series for a very long time.  They were kind of useless in the Classic-Who era, but now they are just laughable, especially the one they decided to somehow bring back (from “A Good Man Goes to War”) to life.

That’s another thing, Moffat’s time travel nonsense doesn’t even make sense at this point.  It’s like he couldn’t care less about River and the Doctor having opposite timelines and how that ever happened.  I can only imagine the same nonsense will happen with Oswin/Clara, which is a shame, as Jenna Louise-Coleman seems like a fun companion, and I really don’t want the show to become a show based on the companions again like it has been with the Amy and Rory Show.

As for the Christmas trailer, what is there to expect?  With the exception of “Voyage of the Damned” there really hasn’t been one worth watching again.  I guess that isn’t the fault of anyone (well, the Cyber-King is someone’s fault, and they deserve to be fired from the show) as it is the nature of Christmas episodes to be lighter, but still, having a Sontaran and Silurian is just making it annoying.  They were barely in the Classic series, but now I suppose due to budgetary reasons we’re stuck with them forever and for what seems to be very little reason.

On the plus side, I absolutely cannot wait for Jenna Louise-Coleman to be on the show.  Just watching the preview clips with her and Matt introducing the trailer and minisode was entertaining.

So, looking forward to the rest of the season, all I want is either for Moffat to abandon his broken story arcs for the past few seasons or at least finish them (oh I don’t know, how about why the Silence were after him, what the point of the Silents were, and why someone is trying to make a TARDIS  for two episodes now, just to name a few).  At this point, leave them be and start new.  Stop with this time traveling stuff that ultimately makes no sense and relies on people forgetting what happened and noticing how it doesn’t make sense.

Most importantly, at least let Matt act seriously again.  They’ve made him far too goofy to the point that it’s getting aggravating.  Also, get rid of the writer of “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” and “The Power of Three,” both of which were horribly written episodes that either had no closure or just didn’t make sense.

Also, stop trying to make each episode a blockbuster-esque movie, all it does is cram a bunch of stuff into a limited time frame and it all ends up feeling rushed and allows for little development.  Bring back to the two-parters, they’re not bad when used properly.

So yeah, it sounds like a lot of complaining, but for a long time fan of the show, I just don’t understand what Moffat is trying to prove, and hopefully with the new companion we’ll start to see the show get back to normal.  In the meantime, here’s the trailer and minisode: