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Hey all, I put together a compilation of songs that will be featured on an upcoming EP from my symphonic metal project, Summer Solstice.  However, I currently have no singer, meaning every song has to be put on hold.  Other than that I am waiting to get my amplifier fixed, as I’m stuck using a small Line 6 until then.  Still, I figured I’d show you all what I’ve been up to and I hope you enjoy it.  If you don’t then as always, constructive criticism is much appreciated.


Hey all, you may recall one of the earlier posts here about my band, Summer Solstice.  Well I just realized something pretty awesome.  There are currently only 238 likes/fans of its Facebook page.  Now, that’s not really a lot.  However, after some intricate math I concluded that if every person who currently likes the page gets 1 person on each of their friends list to like the page it can easily reach 476 likes.  That’s pretty mind blowing, but let’s get crazy here and say each person gets 2 of their friends to like the page.  If so, 714 people will like/fan the page by taking less than a minute out of the day of each individual who simply clicks like.

Now, this probably won’t happen, but it would be cool if it did.  Perhaps the newest song yet to be finished will help attract some fans.  It will be an instrumental titled “Crimson Templars.”  Since I’m not sure how to describe it that is all the information that can currently be given.

What I can do is link to the Facebook page so those of you stopping by here can check out some of the tunes.

Along with that, I will post the earliest song I recorded.  I keep wanting to remake this song, but so many new ideas come in that I have yet to find the time to remake it.

It would be much appreciated if people checking out this post could like the Facebook page and/or show it to others.