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Last night I attended Shattered Sanctity’s show at Le Grande Fromage in Atlantic City, and there was something very noticeable about it.  Mike (vocalist and guitarist) and Keith (guitarist) decided to use their wireless systems for their guitars, and it was pretty cool.  Despite the limited amount of people at the show, the both of them, along with Dan (bassist) showed they worked on their stage presence by going into the crowd to do a few of their many, crazy solos.  In the meantime, Dave (drummer) was casually being insane on the drums, and I believe by the end of the night broke three drum sticks, very metal indeed.

The show wasn’t without it’s faults, as the audio equipment was not working properly during their set.  However, I do not mean to blame the venue, as Jake (the sound guy) was avidly working to fix the problem, and did manage to improve the quality as the night went on.  Though, Mike was grateful for this as he jokingly noted it helped cover up the problems he was having with his voice before and during the show.

Their set consisted of:

  • The Tremendous Struggle
  • Everlasting Hell
  • What Lies Within
  • Take Me Away (Taking Dawn cover)
  • Eyes of the Warrior

The four original’s make up their first EP, and can be listened to at their Facebook and YouTube page.

Overall, it was what I’ve come to expect from Shattered Sanctity: thrasy, melodic, in your face metal with increasing power metal influences.  In other words, a fun band to see live.

Here’s a clip from the show of them performing “Eyes of the Warrior:”


Hey all, remember that band Shattered Sanctity from a few posts ago?  Well they’re back.  This time on The 12th Hour, my show on Stockton College radio.  Throughout the interview everything was discussed from the history of the band to Skyrim to ancient aliens and of course things related to music.

For the interview, lead guitarist Mike and drummer Dave stopped by the studio.  Coincidentally, it was their first interview at Stockton and my first time interviewing anyone on The 12th Hour.

Check out part 1 and 2 of this exclusive interview to see what makes the band tick, and see what one of the more established South Jersey metal bands is all about.

You can also find them on Facebook simply by searching Shattered Sanctity, and if you watch the videos below on Youtube you’ll be able to find a couple live songs by opening the drop down tab for more videos by the user.

Part 1 (note how a Katy Perry interview is 6th in related videos):

Part 2 (note how Beyonce is the 1st related video and an angry Paris Hilton is the 6th)(also, the video quality will improve, at the time of posting this blog Youtube is still processing the video):