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Skyrim and the PS3

So, I’ve read a lot of people online say how they can no longer play Skyrim on their PS3.  I used to think they were just a minorty that felt the need to complain.  However, 37 hours in I’m starting to see what they’re talking about.  Granted, I’m not experiencing horrible lag/slowdown, but it’s gradually making its way in there.  Around the 36 hour mark I noticed that going through towns was becoming difficult due to rather noticable slowdown.  Granted, I was playing for 3 hours at that point and this has been fixed in the past by turning off the system for a few minutes.  However, I didn’t want to do that since I was in the zone, doing some Dark Brotherhood quests. 

Truth be told, I was nervous it would continue to the rest of the game world.  Luckily, it didn’t, and I was able to easily explore the world of Skyrim with ease.  Still, I’m rather worried about continuing.  After all, it’s my favorite game of the year (sorry Deus Ex, you’re still in close second), and I don’t want it to be ruined for me. 

I’ve also noticed that dialogue options sometimes don’t load.  How would I notice this?  Well, when I’m not able to sell items it’s rather noticable.  I usually have to go in and out of speech options just to sell items, and it’s rather annoying when coupled with slowdown.

There it is.  I am experiencing some of what others are, but luckily not anywhere near as severe.  However, I now understand what people are talking about. 

I feel like if a car were to be released with severe issues that made it impossible to drive, then it would be recalled.  This leads me to wonder why the PS3 versions of Skyrim have not been recalled or some other type of action has not been taken.  I’m not at all asking for a refund or anything of the sort, but a patch made solely for the PS3 isn’t too much to ask for.  I understand they have to address issues with the other consoles as well, but with such known issues on the PS3 version, why not show their soon to be once loyal customer base that they still are cared about?


OK, the wait is nearly over.  We’re down to the final stretch.  6 days until every video game geek officially loses their social life for far too long, and by time they can get it back DLC will come to take it away again.  No matter, 11/11/11 will either go down as one of the single greatest days in gaming history or one of the worst.  I’m betting on greatest, as Elder Scrolls, in my mind, is the heart of Bethesda and they’ll want to keep up the high quality of the series.  So, while we are forced to endure this horrible wait there are things that must be done, and I shall list them.

  1. Watch at least one of the Lord of the Rings films (I may go with The Two Towers)
  2. Play at a previous ES game for at least an hour a day (I’m going with Oblivion since I’ve yet to touch the Shivering Isles DLC)
  3. Listen to epic music everyday and on the way back from buying Skyrim (I suggest bands such as Epica, Dark Moor, Serenity, Blind Guardian, and of course, Rhapsody of Fire because Christopher Lee makes it that much more epic)
  4. I know I just suggested bands but I have to add this one as their own category since they’re from Norway and Skyrim is very Scandinavian (plus I’ll probably be playing as a Nord).  Leaves’ Eyes is the first symphonic metal band I ever listened to and they still are pretty great.  It also helps that their album “Vinland Saga” is about the voyage of Leif Erikson and the discovery of Vinland.  For this reason, the second song from the album, “Farewell Proud Men” can be listened to here.
  5. Play any games related/similar to ES in order to get in the mood.
  6. Acquire mead, preferably by making it yourself, but purchasing it is also acceptable.  This way you can drink mead while your character drinks it.
  7. Inform your coworkers/boss/classmates/anyone you have to work with that due to the midnight release you will most likely be struggling to stay awake on 11/11/11.  Which leads me to my next point…
  8. … go to the midnight launch of the game.  By now tons of people have it preordered, though there still may be a chance of getting on the preorder list, so it’s worth a shot.
  9. If you haven’t already, check out Bethesda’s YouTube channel to see some neat stuff, such as some behind the scenes of the sound design in the game.
  10. Now, you can also tune into my radio show, The 12th Hour where I’ll be discussing with two other people what we’re looking forward to just hours before the midnight release of Skyrim.  It should be interesting to see what we come up with for the list of bugs we are going to predict will be in the game at launch.  If you are interested in checking out the show you can refer to my last post, or simply click here.

Well then, I’ll admit that could have been a better list.  However, the point is there’s just 6 days left.  6 days until countless numbers of people will slay utter their first dragon shout, leading their first time slaying a dragon in the world of Skyrim.