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Hey all, I put together a compilation of songs that will be featured on an upcoming EP from my symphonic metal project, Summer Solstice.  However, I currently have no singer, meaning every song has to be put on hold.  Other than that I am waiting to get my amplifier fixed, as I’m stuck using a small Line 6 until then.  Still, I figured I’d show you all what I’ve been up to and I hope you enjoy it.  If you don’t then as always, constructive criticism is much appreciated.


Well here we are, the first single from Nightwish’s upcoming album, “Imaginaerum.”  I feel like I’m about to relive my reactions of their last album, “Dark Passion Play.”  Honestly, the new single, “Storytime” sounds like it could have easily been from that album.  I’m still standing by my opinion that Anette is not right for the band.  This seems to be even more apparent now that their single is quite a bit heavier than the majority of their prior work.  No matter, I’ll probably get used to her as I did when she first joined.

Now, the song itself really isn’t anything special.  They’ve pretty much fallen into their new sound after “Dark Passion Play” and don’t seem to want to leave it.  This is kind of odd since all their albums up to then had a unique sound.  But this is still just one song, and I’m still looking forward to hearing the album as a whole, as this song may end up fitting perfectly where it’s placed on the full length album.  Even as it is now, it’s not bad but it’s not anything to write home about.  (Note, on my fourth listen now and Anette seems to be fitting better with each listen).

I do like the fairytaleesque lyrics, especially in the chorus.  Granted, it’s to be expected from Tuomas, who has a nice record of using various fairytales and Disney movies in his songwriting.

I just can’t help but think more could have been done with the single, especially since they have such a dedicated fan base that welcomes musical exploration.

My fear with the album is that it will end up in Hot Topic.  This is a legitimate fear since I’ve seen some of their merchandise there before.  It’s basically an unwritten fact that once a once underground band ends up in Hot Topic their fan base will probably drastically change (leading to fake fans, which are never a good thing).  Still, I continue to hold out hope.  Why?  Well, they’re my third favorite symphonic metal band (Epica and Leaves’ Eyes being 1st and 2nd) and are the second symphonic metal band I ever listened to (Leaves’ Eyes being the 1st).

Oh, I forgot to mention the music itself.  Well, the guitars are rather uninspired, as they’re pretty much just power chords.  I don’t really get this since he can do quite a bit more than this.  As a whole the music feels really simple.  Granted, it’s very solid, but nothing in it has a wow factor.  Even the few little riffs seem like they were taken from past Nightwish songs. (Note, on my 6th listen and this song is very catchy)

Ah, the video itself.  Nothing special, and I feel like the song could have led to some sort of crazy video, but oh well it gets the job done and allows the listener to focus on the music.

Ultimately, it’s a catchy song.  Nothing special, which is regrettable for a band with some pretty big talent across the board.  As a single it gets the job done, as it’s simple, catchy, good radio tune, and will most likely get stuck in your head.

If I had to rate it I’d give it a solid 7/10, as it’s not bad, not great, it’s just sort of there.

Here’s the song, and it would be cool to hear some feedback on what you think of it and/or what you think of my thoughts on it: