I’m going to be honest, I was all set to write about Doctor Who, John Hurt, and the 50th Anniversary, but then I turned on the TV and ended up viewing one of the worst shows currently on TV and History.  The main guy, godgunsautomobilesMark Muller owns a car dealership and goes on and on about it being good, old-school hustling and dealing.  I don’t know what that means and after an episode I still don’t know what it means.  His brother, Eric (apparently also called “Mancow”) is a radio host in Chicago and has some money invested in his brother’s business (for reasons that don’t seem to go past being family).

Note, I will be reviewing the first episode, and I’d say spoiler alert, but really, I don’t think I’ll be ruining much by telling you about the following scene.  So apparently it’s the cool thing to run red lights, and Mark is on the bandwagon.  I don’t care if it’s staged, if I do this in real life I get pulled over, a hefty fine, and traffic violation points.

Mark likes to think  of himself as the definition of being an American and a man.

He’s kind of a jerk to his kids, getting mad at them for not selling enough cars or whatever all while being fine with having a bunch of salesmen who seem to have been in trouble with the law at least once and, it seems to me, multiple times.  I agree with Eric, how can you run a business when you don’t know how reliable your employees are?

“Brother, you can’t be a pussy all your life” is what Mark tells Eric before blowing up a car, because obviously “that’s freedom, that’s America, that’s awesome.”

Now, it’s not all bad, I did agree with one thing.  At one point someone came in wanting to buy a hybrid.  Mark had a talk with him, saying how the amount of money invested in buying a hybrid and replacing the batteries will likely cost so much that you won’t be saving any at the gas station, it’ll just be spent elsewhere.  But then they decide to go in a truck and go riding around like a bunch of idiots in a field in order to show how people drive around there.  Somehow I doubt the many old folks buying vehicles in the dealership are doing that (I didn’t notice many young people in the dealership buying cars).

After the first, thirty minute episode, I would much rather be watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a show I never thought I’d say I’d rather watch, but now I find myself saying such things.  It’s not like this show can’t be good, but the problem is it’s all hyped up and annoying.  If all they did was show how the dealership works and how the town to show a small town in America then maybe it wouldn’t be as bad, but right now it just reminds me how aggravating people can be.